Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moon Sun Motif Helmet Hats -- 60's


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  2. considering the fact bicycle helmets aren't even designed to save lives [they're only useful for protecting the head from non-life threatening injuries in solo-accidents under 20 km/h], I'd say this blog is rather odd.

    Here's an article from the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation about the myths regarding A Helmet Saved My life!

    Spend your time reading up on the science of bicycle helmets and the negative effects of promoting bicycle helmets on cycling, instead.

  3. this blog makes me smile
    a lot

  4. Oh..,cool! I´d really like a polka dot helmet... you know where to get hold of one?

  5. Mikael...Haa Ha. I honestly just found your comment. I can barely keep from laughing my self silly. I had NO idea you'd be spending your time trying to find every blog in the universe to leave your anti-helmet message on. How on earth did you find this little 'ole blog anyway!

    Respectfully now. Please be kind enough, to kindly disagree. So much more civilized, not everyone has to agree with you, so don't be a hater just because someone doesn't go along with you.

    Ladies!!! Lea & Pernilla...
    Thanks for your comments,.
    Pernilla those polka dot helmet are 60's. I'm sure they could be recreated. I might give these designs a go someday. Please visit my new online blog shoppe